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This page lists testimonials about Writing for College and Beyond from experienced first-year writing instructors who teach at a variety of institutions and from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Instructors with decades of experience teaching first-year writing at community colleges, large state colleges, and small private colleges in both the United States and Canada holding degrees in Rhetoric and Composition, English, and Education have endorsed this book. See what they have to say.

“James Rovira presents an accessible introduction to freshman composition that discusses documentation styles and building persuasive arguments alongside in-text readings and assignments. Whether you are new to teaching composition or just looking for something more affordable and practical this text excels.”
– Dr. Elizabeth Bishop, SUNY Oswego

“As a writing teacher, I appreciated the careful task scaffolding that James Rovira uses throughout Writing for College and Beyond. All too often, neophyte writers face their first composition course with great trepidation, but Rovira uses engaging and relevant exercises that offer elements of the writing process in small, manageable steps with writing prompts that will inspire students to share their own experiences. The text did a terrific job by affirming and validating students in a way that will empower them to engage in writing tasks. I could clearly ‘hear’ the encouragement extended to students that will surely allay the fears of collegiate writing that so many students struggle to overcome. There also were many examples of clear explanations for skills and behaviors that too many writing teachers take for granted, subsequently failing to recognize students need some basic information and skills to move forward.”
– Dr. Teresa Collins, retired, Ph.D. New York University

Writing for College and Beyond is an important addition to college composition. James Rovira’s emphasis throughout on the ways in which first year college writing develops into writing in various professional capacities connects students’ current and evolving skills to a broader understanding of the essential role of writing in today’s workplaces. The step-by-step approach helps students recognize how skills they may already have integrate with higher-level critical thinking and writing.”
– Dr. Kellie Donovan-Condron, Babson College

“As a teacher of many first-generation and non-traditional college students, I can say that James Rovira was very successful at making Writing for College and Beyond a highly approachable textbook. His down to earth voice would reach many of my students, so it is ideal for a variety of audiences. My favorite section is the one on documentation, which is simple but very effective. It made me rethink how I present that material in class.”
– Ms. Melissa Mohlére, North Carolina community college system

“This streamlined textbook covers each step in the writing process – from summarizing, synthesizing, and analyzing the writing of others to composing one’s own argument – in a clear and engaging manner. Writing for College and Beyond can be easily adapted by instructors for use in a wide range of courses. The writing style is accessible and encouraging. The step-by-step explanations, clearly-defined terms, and useful real-world examples make Writing for College and Beyond a great introduction to college- and university-level writing. It is pitched perfectly to first-year students, including first generation college students. The author not only explains the writing process in a clear and easy to understand way, he explains why the rules are in place and how they can be applied in the students’ other courses and in their future careers. The title says it all: this textbook will help students learn the practical skills they need to succeed in the classroom and in their future studies and professional lives. At every step of the way, students are shown that what they are learning has a wider purpose and is of practical use and value, something that is missing from many college textbooks.”
– Dr. Natalie Neill, York University

“James Rovira’s Writing for College and Beyond is a clear, concise guide to academic writing that is historically informed and pragmatically oriented. In conversational prose, it explains the rationale behind academic writing conventions and breaks the writing process into clear, manageable steps while emphasizing the usefulness of critical thinking, research, and writing skills outside the classroom—in the workplace and in life. The text includes exercises of increasing complexity that can accommodate a range of skill levels and help build students’ confidence. It also promotes the development of metacognitive skills by offering reflection prompts that have personal, academic, professional, and civic resonance. All in all, this is a smart, affordable textbook that delivers the information and guidance that students need in a style they can understand and a format they can use.”
– Dr. Sherry Truffin, Campbell University

“James Rovira’s Writing for College and Beyond is a practical, affordable, and necessary introduction to the various rhetorical situations and writing strategies that inform university composition. From its careful delineation of Rhet-Comp terminology and research methods to its close, step-by-step textual analyses to its engagement with Athenian demography and Aristotelian device, students and instructors have an approach to college writing that is productive, intellectual, and friendly. Indeed, Writing for College and Beyond is conversational in tone and patient enough in its pacing to engage students with varied educational experiences. Departments can request spe- cific readings and writing assignments as they see fit, so the book changes with each institution and as the discipline of writing grows.”
– Dr. Steve Wexler, California State University, Northridge

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