Writing for College and Beyond

Bright Futures Publishing is providing marketing and administrative support for the first-year writing textbook Writing for College and Beyond (Lulu Press, 2019).

James Rovira is a higher education professional with 18 years’ experience teaching first-year writing. Dr. Rovira wrote this textbook after realizing that many students need explanations of how the tasks students perform in their first-year writing classes are common in business and professional contexts, explanations that most first-year writing texts lack. If you’re tired of hearing freshman students complain about having to take “irrelevant” general education courses, this textbook is for you.

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Writing for College and Beyond provides simple, step by step instruction in summary, synthesis, analysis, and argument keeping the needs of rural, first generation, at-risk, and professionally-oriented students in mind. It’s also the least expensive first-year writing text on the market, coming in at $29.99 print and $19.99 e-book. Check out the publisher’s page linked above, and contact us if you’d like a desk or review copy.

This text can be fully customized for departmental orders of eight sections or more, and you can request development services for a fully online version of a first-year writing course based on this textbook.

Check out testimonials from experienced first-year writing instructors who teach at a variety of institutions from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Instructors with decades of experience teaching first-year writing at community colleges, large state colleges, and small private colleges in both the United States and Canada have endorsed this book, representing educators who hold degrees in Rhetoric and Composition, English, and Education.

You can also view the table of contents and see a list of special features, and Bright Futures Publishing is also providing a list of continually updated links for supplemental and recommended readings.

A downloadable book flyer with more information is available below:

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